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Reza Khosravi

Shahrzad Khorsandi – Six feet apart-under

Six feet apart-under (4:23)  California, USA Choreographed by: Shahrzad Khorsandi Performers:Nicole Maria Hoffschneider, Shahrzad Khrosandi, Tara Shahandeh Videographers:Nicoel Maria Hoffschneider Music:Dastan Ensemble: Vertex Additional Credits:Central

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Jenny Cohen – X Oriental

X Oriental (4:00) Utah, USA Choreographed by: Improvisational Approach Performers: Aaliyah Jenny aka Jenny C, Daniel R Cohen, Michael A Cohen Videographers: Daniel Cohen, Ariella

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Lumina Dance Co

Lumina Dance Co (3:52) California, USA Choreographed by: Aubre Hill Performers: Stefanie Fatooh & Aubre Hill Videographers: Aubre Hill Music: Delta Rae “Bottom of the

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Drake Von Trapp – Venom

Venom (4:20) Texas, USA Choreographed by: Drake von Trapp Performers: Drake von Trapp Videographers: Shelby von Trapp Music: Venom by Ricky Marano Additional Credits: Belt

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Amy Sigil – ITS

i ITS (7:34) California, USA Choreographed by: Amy Sigil Performers: Amy Sigil & Kari VanderZwaag Videographers: Raven Hoopes Music: Bad Ol’ cat by Teknoaxe and

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Witches (3:47) United States Choreographed by: Sylvia Schourek Performers: Sylvia Schourek, Jeana Collins, Kayla Niva, Allison Mills, Cynthia Drake Videographers: Kris Niva, Sylvia Schourek  

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Liz Azi – Madness

Madness by Liz Azi (4:03) United States Choreographed by: Liz Azi Performers: Liz Azi Videographers:  Lazy Pickle Productions Music: Ruelle: Madness Additional Credits: listed in

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Lucy – Serena Spears

Lucy (3:45) New York, USA Choreographed by: Improvisational Approach Performers: Serena Spears Videographers: Ben Dworken Music: Destra Garcia – “Lucy”   What dance styles are

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