Gather at the Delta

Lucy – Serena Spears

Lucy (3:45) New York, USA

Choreographed by:

Improvisational Approach

Performers: Serena Spears

Videographers: Ben Dworken

Music: Destra Garcia – “Lucy”


What dance styles are being fused?

vogue, waacking, dancehall, soca, twerk, Afro-Cuban folklore, samba, house, salsa, lambada, MENAHT

 Artist Statement:

For me, Lucy is about the joy of self-discovery and the journey towards self-love. It celebrates the freedom that comes from letting go of others’ expectations, society’s conventions, and media’s messaging, acknowledging that finding and loving one’s true self is difficult in a world that thrives off of the misery of the people. Especially for queer BIPOC people, the simple act of dancing freely and happily is a courageous expression of individuality, confidence, and radical self-love.