Month: February 2022

Donna Mejia

Smoke Cutter – Donna Mejia

Smoke Cutter ( 7 min of dance, 13 total minutes with artist’s commentary) Colorado, USA Choreographed by: Donna Mejia Performers: Donna Mejia Videographers: Carlos Flores, Eyewatch Studios Music: “Tsugaru Jonkara Bushi (Baru Edit)” by Etsuro Ono Additional Credits: Full credits in video What dance styles are being fused? Secular dances of North Africa, African American …

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(Un) Be. Coming – Constance Harris

(Un) Be. Coming (22:21) Colorado, USA Choreographed by: Constance Harris Performers: Constance Harris and Victoria Doe-Harris Videographers: Erick Chavez Music: Original Score by Anton Krueger   What dance styles are being fused? African, Afrodance, House, Freestyle, Club dancing  Artist Statement: (Un) Be. Coming is a visual mediation on the journey one takes to defining freedom …

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Resilient – Amel Tafsout

  Resilient (4:41) California USA Choreographed by: Amel Tafsout Performers: Amel Tafsout Videographers: Josie Lewis Photography Music: “Resilient” by Rising Appalachia Additional Credits: Headdress by Jeannie Lewis What dance styles are being fused? Traditional and Contemporary North African  Artist Statement: The words to the song are touching and are relevant in my life and in …

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Inzozi by InangaTaxeem

  Inzozi by InangaTaxeem (4:25) Rwanda Choreographed by: Hilde Cannoodt Performers: Rosine Uwineza, Sangwa Aline, Hilde Cannoodt, Regis Mistry, Pappy Israel, Esther Niyifasha, Mazimpaka Prime Videographers: Fayzo Pro Music: Inzozi by InangaTaxeem Additional Credits: audio production by Bob Pro What dance styles are being fused? flamenco dance, Rwandan traditional dance and Egyptian dance  Artist Statement: …

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Lucy – Serena Spears

Lucy (3:45) New York, USA Choreographed by: Improvisational Approach Performers: Serena Spears Videographers: Ben Dworken Music: Destra Garcia – “Lucy”   What dance styles are being fused? vogue, waacking, dancehall, soca, twerk, Afro-Cuban folklore, samba, house, salsa, lambada, MENAHT  Artist Statement: For me, Lucy is about the joy of self-discovery and the journey towards self-love. …

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Learning to Say Yes – Joanna Ashleigh

Learning to Say Yes ( 4:30) Colorado, USA Choreographed by: Structured Improvisation by Joanna Ashleigh Performers: Joanna Ashleigh Videographers: Audrey Sica Music: Secret Place by CloZee   What dance styles are being fused? The movements in this work are blended from the dance styles of Raqs Sharqi/ رقص شرقي, Contemporary Persian, American Cabaret, Silvestre Technique, …

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