Gather at the Delta

Shahrzad Khorsandi – Six feet apart-under

Six feet apart-under (4:23)  California, USA

Choreographed by: Shahrzad Khorsandi

Performers:Nicole Maria Hoffschneider, Shahrzad Khrosandi, Tara Shahandeh

Videographers:Nicoel Maria Hoffschneider


Music:Dastan Ensemble: Vertex

Additional Credits:Central Stage for location/theater

What dance styles are being fused?

Iranian dance and Modern dance

 Artist Statement:

This piece is a depiction of a nuanced reaction to Covid-19; the anxiety in its various forms, the frustration and suffocating sensation, and also the unexpected opportunity to stop the monotonous rhythm of day-to-day life and reflect. It explores the evolutionary tendency of humans to create a new norm in dire circumstances, one modified to integrate the effects of a pandemic and the limitations it poses on society.