Gather at the Delta

Maeghan Tuckey and Nikki Mae – Chordae

Chordae (4:52) Canada

Choreographed by: Maeghan Tuckey and Nikki Mae

Performers: Maeghan Tuckey, Nikki Mae

Videographers: Lola


Music: Tor – Lens

Additional Credits: Hair/MUA Kaeko Fujiyama, Lighting Design Jessica Han

What dance styles are being fused?

Raqs Sharqi, Waacking, Popping, Contemporary, Jazz

 Artist Statement:

Chordae is a playful pull on our collective heart strings in exploration
of the invisible bonds that tie us together. While no two experiences
or expressions are exactly the same, when we follow the threads from one
end to the other we see that we are all connected by the same desires.
To love and be loved. To see and be seen. To move and be moved. Your joy
is my joy, your pain is my pain. When you pull I follow, when you
teeter, I totter. Through the use of Raqs Sharqi, Contemporary,
Waacking, Jazz, and Popping, Luciterra pulls you into and through the
fibrous web that unites us in our unique expressions of our shared lived