Gather at the Delta

Carla Michelle Coelho – Invocation of Life

Invocation of Life (8:58)

Choreographed by: Carla Michelle Coelho

Performers: Carla Michelle Coelho, Jonathan Lanna, Isadora Oliveira, Tuliola, Jossani Fernandes, Bella Mendonça

Videographers: Talia Vintzileos, Jonathan Lanna, Juliano Butz, Isadora Oliveira, Jossani Fernandes, Bella Mendonça

Music: “Mortal Loucura” by Caetano Veloso and José Miguel Wisnik “Baião Violossintético” by Forró Red Light “Chama” by Lucy Alves

Additional Credits:  Editing by Carla Michelle Coelho

What dance styles are being fused? This Dance Film Composition carries a lot of influences that include
“Raqs Sharqi’, Contemporary Fusion Bellydance, Contemporary Ballet,
Contemporary Dance, and Brazilian and Afro Brazilian Folk Dances.

 Artist Statement: A life’s journey starts in some inexplicable ways, like a force that is beyond our control or even our understanding. We go and our life becomes a pathway that we choose but that sometimes we can’t quite of control or predict. There is something bigger than us, a powerful force that conducts this symphony of life and survival. And then we grow with time and uncountable places and mistakes. We experience intensity in feelings and emotions and live through the most profound happenings. And after happy and sorrowful moments we tremble in the face of the magnitude of this long episode that is Life. We feel a deep connection with all beings and the Earth, and we begin to understand that we all share this world and experience different versions of the same struggle. And then we pray, we pray to it as we live, hoping that the lost precious lives we had very close to our hearts walk with us in a certain way, together in this most significant Mystery, this Mortal Madness, our Life. This composition is our version of that prayer.