Gather at the Delta

Amy Sigil – ITS

ITS (7:34) California, USA

Choreographed by: Amy Sigil

Performers: Amy Sigil & Kari VanderZwaag

Videographers: Raven Hoopes

Music: Bad Ol’ cat by Teknoaxe and Dance Again by Neffex

What dance styles are being fused?

Raq Sharqi, Salimpour Format, Hula, and Hip Hop

 Artist Statement:

Hi. I am Amy Sigil. And I am the creator of ITS and Improv Team Sync. ITS is an improvisational fusion dance format, with vocabulary influences and inspirations from Raq Sharqi, the Salimpour Format, Hula, and Hip Hop. It also uses the group movement format, Improv Team Sync. What you are about to see is an improv jam between myself and one of my best friends, Kari VanderZwaag. This is one take, in my backyard, on July 23, 2021. I hope you enjoy it.