Month: September 2021

Colette Todorov - DAWN

Colette Todorov – DAWN

DAWN (3:17) Oregon, USA Choreographer: Colette Todorov Performer: Colette Todorov Videographer: Zoe Todorov and Steven Todorov Music: Alexandre Desplat – “Up the Stairs – Down the Hall” / Meat Puppets – “Aurora Borealis” What dance styles are being fused? Jazz, FatChanceBellyDance Style, Datura Style, Raqs Sharqi, and Persian Dance Artist Statement: DAWN developed as a …

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Alice Canani - Beyond Limitations

Alice Canani – Beyond Limitations

Beyond Limitations (1:47) Netherlands Choreographer: Alice Canani Performer: Alice Canani Videographer: Simon Trel Music: Ouroboros – Beats Antique Additional Credits: Productions: Alice Canani and Simon Trel What dance styles are being fused? Fusion Belly Dance, Contemporary dance + Shibari Artist Statement: Alice is a Brazilian Fusion dancer in Europe with a large background in design, …

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Participation Agreements

Participation Agreements Vulnerability and confidentiality are an important part of all safe and brave learning environments. We invite you toreview our requests for best practices that minimize harm and maximize mutuality and diplomacy. In alignment withthe Arab American National Museum’s (U.S.A.) commitment to creating an arts sector rooted in justice, we arecommitted to ensuring a …

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GATHERING AT THE DELTA2021 COLLOQUIUM OF TRANSCULTURAL FUSION DANCEFebruary 27, 2021Glossary Document Authors:Brittney Laleh Banaei – www.brittneybanaei.comLiz Azi – Mejia – Ashleigh – of TermsThe following terms will be important for our public conversation. We have constructed this list in supportof the idea that historical preservation of cultural expression and practices can …

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