Gather at the Delta

Rose Harden – Wolves in Paradise

Wolves in Paradise (3:52) United States

Choreographer: Rose Harden

Performer: Rose Harden

Videographers: Rose Harden, Mark Nelson

Music: Aurora, Running with the Wolves (Pablo Nouvelle remix)

Additional Credits: Amanda Salasin & Rick Layton at Paradise Acres

What dance styles are being fused?

American Style Contemporary Belly Dance/Dunham Technique/ Silvestre Technique

Artist Statement:

Wolves in Paradise is a site specific exploration of landscape and movement. The piece is the result of a month long residency at Paradise Acres on occupied Ute land. It is the story of isolation, inward discovery, and reverence for the land. The movement is informed by the earth beneath my feet, the sculptural shapes of ancient bristle cone and lodgepole pines, and the expansive sky. The dance is an offering of myself to the Devine Benevolent Forces of our planet Earth. I draw from Western Style Contemporary Bellydance as a foundation, and Dunham Technique, and Silvestre Technique, both of which are rooted in African Diaspora dances that acknowledge the connection of emotion and movement to the elemental forces in our natural world. It is this connection that i explore in Wolves in Paradise.

Image Credit: Sequoia Emmanuelle