Gather at the Delta

Kimberly Leary – Get to Work by Nine

Get to Work by Nine (8:24) United States

Choreographer: Kim Leary

Performers: Kim Leary, Donna Manalo, Donna Sullivan, Naylon Larane, Jennifer Noelle, Lisa Dragoset, Dave Merritt, Chris Engleman, Steve Salter

Videographer: Amy Staub

Music: Groove Merchant Drum and Dance Ensemble – Get to Work by Nine

Additional Credits: Choreography and Concept: Kim Leary. Choreographic contributions: Donna Manalo, Naylon Larane and Jennifer Noelle
Composition and Arrangement: Dave Merritt

What dance styles are being fused?

General dance movement Turkish and Romany

Artist Statement:
Life. Pay attention. The rhythms of life, daily cycles and patterns create a groove to ride. At a gut level, there is a transformation of beautiful sound and vibration into authentic movement. Rhythmic patterns in daily tasks keep us on track to get us to completion. They also have potential to inspire and morph those tasks at hand into joyous celebration in music and dance. From the song in the kitchen to the beat of shovels hitting the soil, functional art keeps us going, inspires us and brings us together.

“Get to Work by Nine”, composed by Dave Merritt, is inspired by the rhythms of life and Dave Brubek’s classic “Blue Rondo ala Turk”. Brubek’s piece, played on modern western instruments, is inspired by Kasilima, a traditional 9/8 Turkish rhythm. Merritt’s twist utilizes Brubek’s phrase-ending pattern, and where Blue Rondo goes into swingtime, ours uses a heavy Romany 9/8 and is played on traditional Turkish/ Arabic instruments.

The Turkish inspired music shaped the choice to include adapted dance from Turkish and Romany cultures integrated with general dance movement. The overall intention of the piece is that rhythm and music brings people together in the moment; honoring letting one’s guard down and being present; having a sense of belonging; being grounded, being playful and being together.

Traditional Turkish and Romany dancers to follow:
Gigi Dilsah
Reyhan Tuzsuz

Choreography and Concept: Kim Leary
Music Composition and Arrangement: Dave Merritt
Choreography Contributions: Donna Manalo, Naylon Larane & Jennifer Noelle

Performed by
Groove Merchant Drum and Dance Ensemble

Image Credit: Brian Lin