Gather at the Delta

Jolijn Calle – Human Experience

Human experience (3:09) The Netherlands

Choreographer: Jolijn Calle inspired by Project Blank

Performer: Joliette

Videographer: Otto SvdO

Music: Sevdaliza – Human (unlicenced)

What dance styles are being fused?

Fusion bellydance/contemporary/Animation

Artist Statement:

Joliette (Jolijn) is a dancer based in the Netherlands. After learning classical ballet and dipping her toes in modern dance (mostly Limon based), she found belly dance, and started to take classes in Utrecht, NL. This was mainly Suhaila Salimpour format, which lead to a solid technical foundation. Keen to explore, she has taken studies up with Rachel Brice, Kami Liddl and Tjarda van Straten among others. A few years ago also Contemporary and Modern Jazz came back as she joined the Dance group Project Blank for three years in a row. At the moment finding different ideas online, Human has involved into a celebration of choices, and focused on finding the emotion that comes from smaller intentional movements.

Image Credit: Otto SvdO