Gather at the Delta

Elizabeth Muñoz Mundo – Ely Mundo

Ely Mundo (8:52) México

Structured Improvisation by Elizabeth Muñoz Mundo (Ely Mundo)

Performer: Ely Mundo

Videographer: Elizabeth Muñoz Mundo

Music: Enta Omri | Oum Kalthoum – Icnocuicatl | Lila Downs – Quiereme mucho | Ely Guerra – Las Nubes | Chak – Hasta la raíz | Natalia Lafourcade – Mi religión | Natalia Lafourcade – Alley Cat | Bent Fabric

Additional Credits: Emmanuel Muñoz Mundo (video assistant)

What dance styles are being fused?

Transcultural Fusion, Middle Eastern Dances (baladi, khaleegy, dabke, shaabi), Datura Style, Khatak Dance, Contemporary Dance, Improvisation, Sufi dance

Artist Statement:

A mexican fusion summer dream: This piece has been created with love, like an hommage to my mexican culture, and the middle eastern dances that I love to dance and I’ve learned, as well as the fusion dances I’ve learned from US & Europe. The intention is to inmerse others (as myself too) in my dance journey from a mexican perspective. Showing all my influences and connecting them. Specially I love to improvise, it brings me joy and it feels amazing to explore movement and make shapes or just following the music and get lost in it. This is a summer story, a mexican summer story, ending with ice cream, with a song that feels from here and there. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you see the incredible stories and magic that México has.

Image Credit: Emmanuel Muñoz Mundo