Gather at the Delta

Elizabeth Kerry – “December” A dance composition, seeking to be one with Nature

“December” A dance composition, seeking to be one with Nature (3:09) Mississippi, USA

Choreographer: Elizabeth Kerry – Choreography and Improvisation

Performer: Elizabeth Kerry

Videographer: Scott Corbin

Music: Feverkin “December”

What dance styles are being fused?

Ballet, Lyrical, Belly Dance/Datura Style

Artist Statement:

“December” is a composition originally created for The Scarlet Rose Studio dance students, modified here to be a solo performance incorporating choreography, improvisation, and connection with the forest.
The video editing concept was the pull to get out of the past and to live in the glowing winter sunset, only to release and be pulled back.
This work seeks to blend the flow and form of ballet and lyrical dance with the muscular belly dance isolation techniques found in transcultural fusion belly dance, particularly Datura Style. All of this movement is layered on the magic found in seeking to be in harmony with nature, dancing in the forest with the animals and birds, which you can hear if you listen closely.

Image Credit: Scott Corbin