Gather at the Delta

Cecilia Rinn

Cecilia Rinn (6:17) United States

Choreographer: Cecilia Rinn with some improvisation from dancers during solo sections

Performers: Cecilia Rinn, Chad Rinn, Bayla Night, Cassandra Joan

Videographer: Joseph Rinn

Music: Safar, “Inta Omri”

Additional Credits: Ediited By Chad Rinn, Costume design, creation, and Fabric dyeing by Cecilia Rinn

What dance styles are being fused?

Classical Raks Sharki(belly dance), with Modern and lyrical dance

Artist Statement:

wanted to make a dance piece with my company that explores the oppressive isolation, depression, and loneliness that we all felt during the Covid lockdown. It was over a year before we were finally able to dance together inside. This version of Inta Omri (translates from Arabic to English to “You Are My life”) captures, for me, all the feelings that we had been through as we weathered this tragedy. Inta Omri was composed by prominent Egyptian musician Mohamed Abd Elwahab with lyrics by Egyptian poet Ahmad Sahafiq Kamel and the best known version was sung by Egyptian legend Umm Kulthum. I worked very closely with Chad Rinn, the editor, on how to bring those emotions to movement. I cry fresh tears every time I watch it.

Image Credit: Joseph Rinn