Gather at the Delta

Bevin Victoria – Lúnasa

Lúnasa (4:00) Oregon, USA

Choreography by Bevin Victoria, assistant choreography by Danielle Elizabeth

Performers: Bevin Victoria, Danielle Elizabeth, Carla Coelho

Videographers: Bevin Victoria, Danielle Elizabeth, Carla Coelho

Music: Paul Evansmith/ Lúnasa

Additional Credits: Lúnasa

What dance styles are being fused?

The movement featured in this film is mostly improvisational with some structure. The prompt was to evoke a celebratory energy paired with the the concept of dancing the color “golden”. Each dancer utilized techniques from ballet, contemporary and rays sharqi to create our solo improvisations and our group shadowing movements. We also were inspired by the natural world and created movements based on the the swaying of the Queen Anne’s Lace flowers and seeded grasses in the wind.

Artist Statement:

Lúnasa is the 11th installment in my Celtic Wheel of the Year dance film series. I began creating these films last year during the pandemic as an offering of beauty and celebration to the community and as a personal exercise in gratitude for the beautiful land on which we live. It has been my goal to highlight the unique beauty of the Pacific Northwest, showcase the beautiful improvisational movement of the many talented dancers I work with and create a full experience with the composer who has recently joined the project as an instrumental part in creating the tone of the pieces with original scores. My hope is to inspire folks to seek out a deeper connection with the land they live on, to continue creating art, regardless of the overwhelming state of the world, and to stay open to the magic of being alive.

Image Credit: Bevin Victoria