Gather at the Delta

Accalia Carmen Robertson – Hip Shake Earth Quake

Hip Shake Earth Quake (4:00) Canada

Choreographer: Accalia Robertson

Performers: Nancy Mak, Bobi Wentz, Stacy Klassen, Kelsey Halldorson, Drea Smith-Fernandez, Natalia Landivar, Jessica Wyn, Leanne Sanders, Kayla St. Germaine, Mandy Desjarlais, Laura Canfield, Accalia Robertson, Lacey Lord

Videographer: Mark Cote

 Music: Kaleo – No Good

What dance styles are being fused?

Fusion Bellydance, Jazz, Egyptian dance

Artist Statement:

This is a fiery, upbeat and rebellious piece set to rock music, choreographed for and performed by the dancers of The Deep Roots Strong Dance Co. Ensemble.

Image Credit: Brad Mazur